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IFR21700 3.2V3000mAh cell ISR21700 3.6V4000mAh cell ISR21700 3.6V4500mAh cell            
LMFP33140 3.6V15Ah cell ISR18650 3.7V2600mAh cell HEV 20C rate 3.6V8Ah cell  

Often asked questions:

1. Are you a lithium battery manufacturer?

Yes, we are a professional lithium ion battery manufacturer in China.

2. What kinds battery you can offer?

We can offer 18650 cell, 21700 cell etc, all kinds of ebike battery, scooter battery,customer design battery, all kinds of battery available.

3. How about your battery certificates?

Our battery with CE,ROHS,UL,UN38.3,MSDS,CB,IEC etc certificates.

4. What kinds of shipment you can provide?

Shipment by boat, by airplane, by truck, by UPS,by DHL, by Fedex etc.

5. How about your payment term?

Payment by bank transfer, 30% as deposit before production, 70% when goods ready. or 100% payment in advance, it's depend on lead time.

6. How about your lead time?

It's depend on battery type and quantity, generally lead time from 3 days to 35 days.

7. Do you have service center in overseas?

We have customers Finland,Denmark,Belgium,Spain,France,Italy,Germany,Netherlands,Norway,Canada,USA,Australia,Mexicanos,Panama, Japan,India,Korea etc.

8. How about your quality guarantee?

We do 100% inspection during the production, and we do 100% inspection again when we delivery goods, we make sure each battery in excellent quality. and we are responsible for each battery sale.

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Lithium ion cell 18650 3.7V2600mAh
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  Lithium ion cell 18650 3.6V3000mAh
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